About Us

Ever since The Wright Brothers invented, built and flew the world’s first successful airplane, mankind has been able to feel what it’s like to fly high in the sky, travelling far distances in much faster time than it would take by land or sea. Before The Wright Brothers invented modern day aviation, people would look to the sky, see the birds, and think, “What if we could be up there, too?” Developments in aviation reminds us that anything is possible.

The ability to fly the friendly skies is worth celebrating as one of our greatest achievements as a civilization. What better way to celebrate this amazing feat than by surrounding ourselves with daily reminders of soaring through the clouds high above the earth in machines that literally helped change the world?

Aero Furnishings Inc. brings you aviation-inspired furniture and art. Everything we make is made by hand using only genuine aircraft parts. It doesn’t get more authentic than that!

Do you love aviation? We do, and it shows. Our furniture and art pieces are found in offices, boardrooms and homes around the world. From our homebase in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we can make custom ordered products in case you have a particular piece, style or color scheme in mind. Interested in a Pratt & Whitney aircraft jet engine work of art? Looking for polished aviation furniture that will start conversations when guests come over? Aero Furnishings Inc. brings aviation design into people’s everyday life through creatively awesome products.

We're confident that you'll be proud to own and show whatever you buy from Aero Furnishings.